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Solid-state Amplifiers

While renowned for their valve guitar amps, Marshall produces and sells a large amount of solid state and bass equipment. Marshalls "Valvestate" amplifiers were at the time seen as evolutionary, as they contained a hybrid of valve and solid state technology, to provide a modicum of "true" valve tone, along with transistor reliability and ease of maintenance. Currently named the "AVT series" (although these are now out of production, being replaced with the "AVT tribute" for a short time), there are a number of different models, all of which are cheaper than their all-valve counterparts. It is Marshalls current line of "hybrid" amplifier, featuring a 12AX7 preamp tube employed in the preamp (to "warm up" the signal) as well as solid state components, with a solid-state power amp. These are considered and marketed as intermediate-level equipment to bridge the gap between the higher valve range and lower range MG series. Some feel they offer a quality and sound close to Marshalls higher end equipment. These amps are fairly popular in the metal music community for their quick response time. A minor controversy arose from this amp series as some unscrupulous dealers attempted to market them as "valve amps" to unsuspecting customers.

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